About Us

The main goal of Primary Care Innovation is to create a virtual and physical site for innovation and experimentation. Through support and inspiration, we model and mold the next generation of primary care clinicians, educators and researchers. Our mission is to bring together all the varied components needed for change in our fractured healthcare system.

How will PCI advance this mission? The major tenets of the PCI model are:

  • Research in Primary Care
  • Teaching Primary Care Medicine, Inspiring the Next Generation of Practitioners
  • Mentoring at All Levels of Training
  • Developing Models of Care
  • Collaboration

PCI aims to serve as a laboratory for innovation, and a clearinghouse for change. By investing time, the clinicians, educators and researchers of WCIMA and our partners can achieve our main goal: to inspire the next generation of medical students in the field of primary care. PCI will guide Internal Medicine residents to choose primary care by creating high quality practice settings, providing opportunities to participate in meaningful research and inspiring viable future careers in a new model of healthcare. We also support and mentor junior faculty in their careers today and expand the way they practice medicine tomorrow.

Primary Care Innovation 420 East 70th Street, LH340 New York, NY 10021 Phone: (646) 962-5900