For Residents

 Residents can find available projects in their division. 

Name Email Division Specified Resident Role Timeline & Potential Outcome Mentorship Areas for Residents
Amanda Carmel, M.D. General Internal Medicine The Impact of the Patient Activated Learning System (PALS) on Knowledge Acquisition, Recall and Decision Making about Antihypertensive Medication: A Pilot Study 6 months to 1 year preferred outcome dependent on availability/commitment Practice education
Brian Eiss, M.D. General Internal Medicine/Geriatrics and Palliative Care Quality Improvement projects Geriatrics - inpatient or outpatient focused clinical projects 1 year preferred Expected product is at least 1 abstract submission to a scientific and co-author on a manuscript
Erica Phillips, M.D. General Internal Medicine Assist with ongoing clinical updates of patients followed in the Weight Management Practice database since 2012. Database can serve as the basis for a retrospective resident investigator driven inquiry. 1 year preferred Expected product is at least 1 abstract submission to a national meeting such as SGIM and co-author on a manuscript Primary care, transitions of care, obesity, disparities, education program evaluation
Janey Peterson, EdD General Internal Medicine Project 2 in Dr. Peterson’s Beeson grant. The resident will be a co‐investigator on the study, assist Dr. Peterson in setting up and conducting 4 focus groups, and offered the opportunity to analyze the qualitative data under Dr. Peterson’s mentorship and first author the qualitative manuscript. Conduct focus groups with patients and community providers to elucidate values, attitudes and beliefs about physical activity, and evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of a new intervention and potential new candidate intervention components. The resident will be offered the opportunity to assist Dr. Peterson in writing the manuscript and be a co‐author. These projects are ongoing and the goal is to complete data collection, analyze the data and write the manuscript(s) within the next year.
Lisa Kern, M.D. General Internal Medicine Assist with design, conduct, and manuscript preparation for a survey of physicians regarding their own referral patterns and care coordination processes 1 year (preferred) co-author Healthcare utilization, care coordination, primary care, physician reimbursement, practice redesign, healthcare costs
Matthew McCarthy, M.D. General Internal Medicine Project Title: Promoting Synergies between Hospitalist Medicine and Medical Ethics: A Pilot Study to Transform the Bedside Teaching of Clinical Ethics 2. Project Title. Development of a New Critical Pathway for Treatment of Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections 1 year preferred Residents can participate as coauthors on a manuscript
Molly McNairy, M.D. General Internal Medicine Project Title: "Ten-year outcomes of HIV-infected patients in Haiti" Resident Role: Data cleaning and analysis (resident would have to have basic skills in SAS or STATA) IRB approved, data collection half complete, hope for manuscript submission within the next year Yes. Ultrasound EBM
Monika Safford, M.D. General Internal Medicine 1. Patient Activated Learning System (PALS) - residents will work with an attending physician to review the literature to create evidence summaries in response to specific patient questions about health and medications. They will also develop patient-facing text that translates this evidence into easily understood language. Several projects using PALS content can be undertaken by the resident, including formal experimental tests of comprehension, knowledge retention, and satisfaction. 2. Reasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study - this national cohort study funded by NINDS and NHLBI offers opportunities for residents to design and carry out studies in the context of a national epidemiology cohort. Past resident projects have included the study of cumulative vulnerabilities to health disparities and incident diabetes, and a comparison of risk factors for usual and microsize MI. 1 year preferred Residents working with our programs can expect to produce a first-authored manuscript if that is their goal. Alternatively, they can participate as coauthors. PALS - content development in the area of interest of the resident. 2. REGARDS - residents can lead studies resulting in first-authored manuscripts.
Pamela Eliach, M.D. General Internal Medicine My work involves outpatient followup for ED patients and ways to decrease ED utilization. A resident could potentially look at ​hospitalized patients who are discharged with instructions to either see their PCP at WCIMA or to establish care at WCIMA; do they come for follow up? Incidence of rehospitalization, etc.? The goal of our project is to standardize the identification of limited English proficiency (LEP) pts, increase the appropriate use of medical interpreters and create best practices for telephonic interpreter use Interviews with patients who overutilize the ED and underutilize primary care