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Interview with New Weill Cornell Medicine Faculty Member Dr. Laura Pinheiro

Dr. Fred Pelzman: We want to welcome you to Weill Cornell Medicine and have you tell us a little about what brought you here and your research, and introduce you to the Weill Cornell Community.

Dr. Laura Pinhero: Thanks for the warm welcome. I feel very lucky to be a part of GIM and the Weill Cornell community. I recently completed my PhD in outcomes research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and joined GIM in July. I am a health services researcher with expertise in patient-reported outcomes, minority health disparities, and cancer outcomes. Although most of my work at UNC was focused within cancer, given my appointment in GIM, I have great interest in expanding my research to other chronic conditions. In particular, I hope to collaborate with primary care clinician investigators on research related to minority health disparities and quality of care. 

Dr. PelzmanHow does it feel working with primary care folks?

Dr. Pinhero: Since coming to Weill Cornell, I have gained some insights into the many challenges primary care physicians face. I have tremendous respect and admiration for primary care and am happy to get to work alongside so many smart, thoughtful, and compassionate doctors. As a PhD researcher, it is especially rewarding to learn from and collaborate with clinicians who constantly help me to consider the clinical perspectives in my work. As I want my research to ultimately improve the quality and equity of patient care, I appreciate that the primary care physicians in GIM help ensure that my research questions are clinically relevant and meaningful.  

Dr. Pelzman: We’re on the 20th floor of the Baker building here. It’s a long ride up. Give me your elevator pitch of what you hope to accomplish here at Cornell.

Dr. Pinhero: At Weill Cornell, I plan to grow and develop my health services research program at the intersection of primary care and oncology. I also hope to play a prominent role in the newly-created Center for Health Equity. As a Brazilian health services researcher, I am passionate about improving the equity of care for minority populations and think New York City is an ideal space for this type of work. I am very excited to be a part of GIM and look forward to meeting and working with members of the Weill Cornell community.


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