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Research Studies

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The Patient Activated Learning System (PALS) is a joint effort by Weill Cornell Medicine and the University of Alabama at Birmingham to create an innovative health information platform that incorporates elements of adult learning theory, edutainment, and Bartle’s taxonomy of online gaming interactions. This initiative is led by the...

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This collaboration between Weill Cornell Medicine, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Eastern Carolina University will enroll 2000 African Americans cared for at 80 rural practices in Alabama and North Carolina. Practices will be randomized to one of four study arms: peer coaching...

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Lay Summary

Educating patients with chronic diseases about their condition and its treatment is a central component of a physician’s role. In order for patients to be able to follow doctors’ recommendations and instructions, it is essential that they remember and understand what they are told. However, patients often...

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